Loretta Perry

Loretta was born and raised in Demopolis, Alabama and currently lives in Saint Marys, Georgia. Loretta's mother, knowing that she would be blessed to sing, named her after one of her favorite singers, Loretta Lynn, a famous country singer and there the story began. Loretta graduated from Stillman Presbyterian College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. During her time there, she performed at a countless venues throughout the United States. "Loretta was given a music scholarship because of her "perfect pitch", per Professor James Arthur Williams, Choir Director at the time, not so much because she know how to read music for she'd never had music or voice lessons."

Today, Loretta is the wife of Kevin Hutchinson and is the loving mother of three children; all being musically inclined in more ways than one! Loretta's incomparable style can be heard on her cds she's recorded in the past entitled

"The Reason for The Season" and "Songs of Color".